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  • Ok, so right now I'm sketching out the basic outline for a game I'm developing. It is going to be a multiplayer game where everyone basically has their own "realm" which is interconnected to several other realms, some are AI-based and the rest are other player "realms". A handful of servers would handle the interconnectivity between player realms so they can travel from one to another.


    The game won't need to do any file transfers or anything. I was wondering if the Microsoft Peer-to-Peer technology would be adequate so that the game could operate so that players can still connect to other realms regardless of whether or not one player realm is up or down. Instead of a traditional client/server MMO game, I want to try and develop a game that is fairly dynamic when it comes to interconnectivity so that no matter what, there is another "realm" for a player to visit if a desired "realm" is down.


    Thanks in advance!



    Friday, June 11, 2010 3:33 AM