Insert Into


  • provider = "Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source="
            datafile = "E:\Software Development\Student Profiler\Student Profiler\School.accdb"
            connString = provider & datafile
            myConnection.ConnectionString = connString
            Dim str As String
            str = "Insert into Basic Information([ID],[Admitted In The Class],[Subject],[First Name Of The Student],[Middle Name Of The Student],[Last Name Of The Student],[Fathers Name],[Mothers Name],[Name Of The Railway Gurdian],[Post],[Department],[Date Of Birth],[Address],[Permanent Address],[Distance From The School],[Religion],[Nationality],[Category],[Name Of The Cast],[Gender],[Name Of The Last School],[Marks Obtained],[OUt Of],[Percentage],[Result],[Dice Code Of The Last School]) Values (?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?)"
            Dim cmd As OleDbCommand = New OleDbCommand(str, myConnection)
            cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("ID", CType(IDTextBox1.Text, String)))
            cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("Admitted In The Class", CType(Admitted_In_The_ClassComboBox1.Text, String)))
            cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("Subject", CType(SubjectComboBox1.Text, String)))
            cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("First Name Of The Student", CType(First_Name_Of_The_StudentTextBox1.Text, String)))
            cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("Middle Name Of The Student", CType(Middle_Name_Of_The_StudentTextBox1.Text, String)))
            cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("Last Name Of The Student", CType(Last_Name_Of_The_StudentTextBox1.Text, String)))
            cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("Fathers Name", CType(Fathers_NameTextBox1.Text, String)))
            cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("Mothers Name", CType(Mothers_NameTextBox1.Text, String)))
            cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("Name Of The Railway Gurdian If Any", CType(Name_Of_The_Railway_Gurdian__If_Any_TextBox1.Text, String)))
            cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("Post", CType(PostTextBox1.Text, String)))
            cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("Department", CType(DepartmentTextBox1.Text, String)))
            cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("Date Of Birth", CType(Date_Of_BirthDateTimePicker1.Text, String)))
            cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("Address", CType(AddressTextBox1.Text, String)))
            cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("Permanent Address", CType(Permanent_AddressTextBox1.Text, String)))
            cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("Distance From The School", CType(Distance_From_The_SchoolTextBox1.Text, String)))
            cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("Religion", CType(ReligionComboBox1.Text, String)))
            cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("Nationality", CType(NationalityComboBox1.Text, String)))
            cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("Category", CType(CategoryComboBox1.Text, String)))
            cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("Name Of The Cast", CType(Name_Of_The_CastTextBox.Text, String)))
            cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("Gender", CType(GenderComboBox1.Text, String)))
            cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("Name Of The Last School", CType(Name_Of_The_Last_SchoolTextBox1.Text, String)))
            cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("Marks Obtained", CType(Marks_ObtainedTextBox1.Text, String)))
            cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("OUt Of", CType(OUt_OfTextBox1.Text, String)))
            cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("Percentage", CType(PercentageTextBox1.Text, String)))
            cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("Result", CType(ResultComboBox1.Text, String)))
            cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("Dice Code Of The Last School", CType(Dice_Code_Of_The_Last_SchoolTextBox1.Text, String)))
                MsgBox("Data Saved Sucessfully")
            Catch ex As Exception
            End Try
        End Sub

    Wednesday, April 5, 2017 6:34 PM

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  • Please Help
    Wednesday, April 5, 2017 6:37 PM
  • We have no clue to what the problem is. All you did was post code (and you should use the code block option into the toolbar for this).

    So please provide detail information.

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    Wednesday, April 5, 2017 9:29 PM
  • For starters Basic Information should be in brackets [Basic Information] if that is a table name with a space in it.

    Second think I noticed is that you added the paramaters to the collection, but you need to include those names in the sql command.

    Also, you may want to create a DataSet, and OleDataAdapter? Use the Adapter to fill the dataset.

    If you create a DataRow from the DataSet, it will automatically configure it to the correct schema. Something like this: Can't promise its perfect. I'm a bit new myself.

        Private Sub InsertRecord()
            Using conn As New OleDbConnection(conString)
                Dim sel As New OleDbCommand()
                Dim ins As New OleDbCommand()
                sel = conn.CreateCommand()
                ins = conn.CreateCommand()
                sel.CommandText = "SELECT TOP 1 * FROM [Basic Information]"
                ins.CommandText = "INSERT INTO [Basic Information] ([ID],[Admitted In The Class],[Subject],[First Name Of The Student]) " +
                                        "VALUES(@Param1, @Param2, @Param3, @Param4)"
                Dim da As New OleDbDataAdapter(sel)
                da.InsertCommand = ins
                da.InsertCommand.Parameters.Add("@Param1", OleDbType.Numeric, 0, "[ID]")
                da.InsertCommand.Parameters.Add("@Param2", OleDbType.VarChar, 50, "[Admitted In The Class]")
                da.InsertCommand.Parameters.Add("@Param3", OleDbType.VarChar, 50, "[Subject]")
                da.InsertCommand.Parameters.Add("@Param4", OleDbType.VarChar, 50, "[First Name Of The Student]")
                Dim ds As New DataSet()
                Dim row As DataRow
                row = ds.Tables(0).NewRow()
                row("[ID]") = Integer.Parse(IDTextBox1.Text)
                row("[Admitted In The Class]") = Admitted_In_The_ClassComboBox1.Text
                row("[Subject]") = SubjectComboBox1.Text
                row("[First Name Of The Student]") = First_Name_Of_The_StudentTextBox1.Text
            End Using
        End Sub

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  • Hi

    This is a VB.NET forum.

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  • Sorry, I translated it to VB.NET
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  • Sorry, I translated it to VB.NET


    Thank you. Much better :)

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  • For starters Basic Information should be in brackets [Basic Information] if that is a table name with a space in it.

    Second think I noticed is that you added the paramaters to the collection, but you need to include those names in the sql command.

    No despite Microsoft does in their MSDN documentation if OleDB used named parameters, is the name of the parameter complete uninmportant. It is just the order in which it is given which has be the same as in the SQL transact. Like you can see in the code given which seems to be made with a wizard do they use in their software simply in their SQL transact code  a ?. 

    I think that it is better to wait what the OP sais that the problem is. 


    Thursday, April 6, 2017 12:43 AM
  • I think HTHP pointed out your first problem (table name). If it fixes your issue then mark his response as the answer. Otherwise, if you are still encountering errors then please identify.

    Paul ~~~~ Microsoft MVP (Visual Basic)

    Thursday, April 6, 2017 2:36 AM
  • What Data type should i use to get % values and store for this textbox
    Thursday, April 6, 2017 4:47 PM
  • many thanks for your kind advice love
    Thursday, April 6, 2017 4:49 PM
  • Hi

    Perhaps a Function such as this would help. Used anywhere a Double is needed from a string (other types can also be dealt with in the same manner)

        Private Function GetDouble(s As String) As Double
            Dim v As Double = 0.0
            If Double.TryParse(s, v) Then Return v
            Return 0.0
        End Function

    The function would be used in place of your Cast

    would become

    Regards Les, Livingston, Scotland

    Thursday, April 6, 2017 5:33 PM
  • You need to remove the percent sign before the String can be converted to a Double:

    Dim percentageValue as Double percentageValue = CType(Replace(PercentageTextBox1.Text, "%", ""), Double)

    cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("Percentage", percentageValue))

    Paul ~~~~ Microsoft MVP (Visual Basic)

    Friday, April 7, 2017 12:53 PM
  • Hi Tanmay,

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