How to change the save location of kinect studio recordings RRS feed

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    I am unable to change the save location of the recordings in kinect studio. It is now saving to ../Documents/KinectStudioClips and I want to redirect them to an external hard disk to have enough space for a 2-hours recording


    Monday, July 28, 2014 8:16 AM


  • Taken from a script which Carmine wrote a few months ago...


    There is a new KinectMonitor service that will ensure these are running. If you want to run KinectStatus or change the default path for KStudioHostService, you will need to stop the service first. The following script will help you do this. Create a script with notepad and call it KinectTest.cmd. Add the following to the file:

    @echo off : check permissions net session >nul 2>&1 if %errorlevel% NEQ 0 ( echo. echo You must run the command prompt as administrator to run. echo pause goto :eof ) : set clips folder path set clips=%1 if "%1"=="" ( echo No path provided, setting clip folder to default. echo To override path, run command with a path: KinectTest.cmd "C:\Clips" echo. set clips="%HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%\Clips" ) : instructions echo The script will do the following steps: echo 1. Stop the Kinect Monitor service echo 2. Reset the clip folder for Kinect Studio Host service - %clips% echo 3. Run Kinect Status diagnostic tool, echo both Color and Depth information from the runtime should be visible. echo. echo If you wish to cancel without making changes, press Ctrl-C. echo. pause echo Stopping Kinect Monitor Windows Service NET STOP "Kinect Monitor" echo. echo Setting the clips folder to C:\Clips START "" /D "%SystemRoot%\System32\Kinect\" "KStudioHostService.exe" /d %clips% echo. ECHO Running KinectStatus START "" /D "%KINECTSDK20_DIR%Tools" "KinectStatus.exe" echo. echo Close KStudioHostService and KinectStatus windows before proceeding pause echo Restarting the service... NET START "Kinect Monitor" echo. echo Complete. pause >nul

    You can run the command from a command line to include a path, or right-click and run as Administrator from the desktop.

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