Is the gulp.js file in Asp.Net Core a replace for the Bundle class in Asp.Net MVC 5? (diving deeper)

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  • The BundleConfig class is gone, and now we have the gulp.js file to replace it and do some more extra stuff. I don't want to make a lot changes in it, but just use it to reference some .css and .js files. What are the best practices to use it, guidelines, any references or tutorials where I can learn how to use it to reference the files of a bootstrap template I got, or to use jQuery plugins. Adding the files to the project, wwwroot folder and then in a specific folder that I created, and drag and drop the references to the _Layout file doesn't work well for some browsers, giving me some problems with the layout and stuff. Is there any way to reference those files easier, or does Asp.Net Core have some problems with some browsers?
    Tuesday, June 28, 2016 2:58 PM

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