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  • Hi,

    I am in charge of Active Directory in my company. I have a main DC computer running on WindowsServer2012R2, and a group of windows computers, between Windows10 and Windows2012R2 that are joined to the domain defined in the DC. There is a GPO in the DC that sets the "Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Logon Options
    Display information about previous logons during user logon = ENABLED "

    So every time the other window comps are restarted, they get this policy from the DC and it sets a key in the registry, DisplayLastLogonInfo = 1. Because of this, no domain user can login to the computer, only local users can login. As local admin user, I go and set DisplayLastLogonInfo=0 then domain users can login. But then we lose the option to see the information from last user login. And well, if the computer gets restarted, again I have to do the same trick of setting DisplayLastLogonInfo=0…

    We’ve had the option for "Display information about previous logons during user logon = ENABLED" for the last 2 years already, started on WindowsServer2008R2 and Windows7; then a year ago we updated to WindowsServer2012R2 and Windows10. The policy worked fine…until lately, last 2 months approximately, suddenly it started to show this behavior.

    When I searched on the internet I see as solution to Disable this policy and/or set DisplayLastLogonInfo=1…but then we lose the option to display the last login info, and that is required by my company.

    What can I do to have both, the option to display last login information AND have all our domain users be able to login?


    Thursday, April 5, 2018 7:38 PM

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