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    Good afternoon,

    I am with the following questions.

    I created a database to a new system, and I created a group in AD to give permission for some users develop this database. Then I created the group in AD, created a log in SQL 2005 for the group of AD and gave permission to db_owner for this group in this new database.  When the users who access the database by the SQL Management Studio, they can not create tables, among other things. Please, if someone knows how to solve this problem, help me.
    Thank You.
    Ralph Haddad
    Friday, August 22, 2008 4:17 PM

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  • Make sure the user you login is the owner of the database


    run following script in sysadmin member,it will return the owner name of special database:

    select s.name from sys.databases db inner join sys.server_principals s
    on s.sid=db.owner_sid where database_id=db_id('yourdatabaseName')

    Monday, August 25, 2008 7:24 AM