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  • Hello all,

    Just a short question: when will the Office Open XML ECMA specification be updated to include information about the new SmartArt diagram shape tree (and associated tags) introduced in Office 2007 SP2?

    - fwdev
    Wednesday, July 22, 2009 5:39 PM


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  • Hello fwdev,

    Thank you for your question.  I will investigate this issue and update you as soon as I have more information.

    Mark Miller
    Escalation Engineer


    Wednesday, July 22, 2009 8:25 PM
  • Hi fwdev, 

    For reference, the XML constructs used to create SmartArt are described in both ECMA-376: Part 4, Section 5.9 as well as the new ISO 29500: Part 1, Section 21.4. If you have further questions about ISO 29500, let me know. 

    Dominic Salemno
    Senior Support Escalation Engineer
    Wednesday, July 29, 2009 6:37 PM
  • Hello, Dominic!

    Thanks for your reply!  I have already looked at ECMA-376: Part 4, Section 5.9 (both the 1st Edition - Dec '06 - and 2nd Edition - Dec '08), and neither of those versions mention the Diagram Drawing part introduced in Office 2007 SP2.  I don't have access to ISO 29500 (aside from what's available at the Document Interop Initiative, which is apparently the same as ECMA-376, 1st Edition), but since ECMA-376 and ISO 29500 are functionally the same, I'd be surprised if it had any different information.  Relatedly, neither of them mention the 'dsp' namespace used by the Diagram Drawing part nor any new tags introduced in the 'dsp' namespace (i.e. the 'dsp:txXfrm' tag used in 'dsp:sp' tags in Diagram Drawing part).  While the structure of the Diagram Drawing part seems to basically be a standard Office Art shape tree, the fact that it does use at least one new tag makes me wonder what other new things were introduced.  If you could point me towards documentation for the new structures, I'd be much obliged.

    Thanks again!
    - fwdev
    Monday, August 3, 2009 11:00 PM
  • fwdev,

    I am looking into this and will update you as things progress.

    Dominic Salemno
    Senior Support Escalation Engineer
    Wednesday, August 5, 2009 8:49 PM
  • fwdev,

    I have noticed that you have also posted here: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/os_office/thread/6df33f6e-dc16-4a32-a045-113bff369181

    Tom has followed up with you regarding this matter.

    Dominic Salemno
    Senior Support Escalation Engineer
    Thursday, August 27, 2009 10:10 PM