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    I don't know how to ask this question but can I change the case in my pages? Like "change this case" to "Change This Case"... I looked all around expression web but couldn't find how.

    Friday, June 14, 2013 4:29 AM

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  • If you mean to select a section of text, then click an icon or menu selection to either reverse case or change to one or the other, then, no, there is nothing in EW that will do that. I have seen that capability in both NoteTab Pro and UltraEdit32.

    I would imagine that there are other text editors that will do it as well, but EW focuses on providing superlative tools for creating and editing HTML, CSS, javascript, and server-side code. You can copy the text in question into an external editor with this capability, then back into EW, but it's not something that EW can do natively.

    However, if you're talking about selecting text and then using CSS to alter its case, after selecting the text, in the Style Panel (lower-right Panel in EW's interface), use the "New Style" dialog to apply "Font > text-transform" (see below) and select one of the options available there. Make sure that the "Apply new style to document selection" box is checked (green arrow below) to have the text you selected affected. Give the style a name in the "Selector:" box, such as ".ucasethis" (don't forget the leading "." which makes it a class name that you can apply to any text element in your page), then click OK.

    From then on, when you want to use the same text-transform effect, just select the text you want to affect, then click that style name over in the "Apply Style" panel to instantly apply it. If you want to use this style anywhere in the entire site, instead of just one page, in the "Define in:" box select "New Style Sheet." This will create an external style sheet that you can reference from all pages in your site.

    You might want to view Cheryl's "Build a Basic Web Site" video tutorial, at, which covers this and many other elements of using EW's visual interface.  ;-)


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