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    I am quite new and maybe miss an option or due my lack of knowledge of Json:

    I have to take Azure Data Factory V1 and rebuild the following, because oData with OAuth (Organizational Account) is needed. this does not work in SSIS or in ADF V2.


     #"Expanded ServicePlans" = Table.ExpandListColumn(TenantOfficeActivation_table, "ServicePlans"),
        #"Expanded ServicePlans1" = Table.
    ExpandRecordColumn(#"Expanded ServicePlans", "ServicePlans", {"ServicePlanName", "TotalEnabled", "TotalActivated", "TotalCount", "AndroidCount", "iOSCount", "MacCount", "PcCount", "WinRtCount"}, {"ServicePlanName", "TotalEnabled", "TotalActivated", "TotalCount", "AndroidCount", "iOSCount", "MacCount", "PcCount", "WinRtCount"}),

     The point is to rebuild the ExpandListColumn and ExpandRecordColumn in Json.

    So how can I make ExpandListColumn and then ExpandRecordColumn in the Json down in the post to access the Table ServicePlans and its columns?

    Unfortunately, executing the power query directly is not an option, neither in power bi, Excel nor SSIS.


        "name": "InputDatasets-khb-TenantOfficeActivation",

        "properties": {

            "structure": [


                    "name": "ServicePlanName",

                    "type": "String"



                    "name": "TotalEnabled",

                    "type": "String"



                    "name": "TotalActivated",

                    "type": "Int64"



                    "name": "TimeFrame",

                    "type": "String"



                    "name": "ContentDate",

                    "type": "DateTimeOffset"



            "published": false,

            "type": "ODataResource",

            "linkedServiceName": "Source-Odata-6hf",

            "typeProperties": {},

            "availability": {

                "frequency": "Day",

                "interval": 1


            "external": true,

            "policy": {}


      Thank you in advance


    Monday, April 1, 2019 2:36 PM

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  • Hello Len , 

    At this time as we understand the ask is to have the JSON file , I am not sure if this is the right forum for that . I suggest you can use some tools like notepad++ etc which can help you with that . Having a quick look on what you have posted I do not think you need the "type" above 


    Thanks Himanshu

    Wednesday, April 3, 2019 10:55 PM