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    Scenario is as Such :

    I am developing a WPF application which has seperate DB Servers for Enviornments Test, Non Client, Production.

    Each Enviornment will have multiple DB Server (Test Server 1, Test Server 2, Production Server1, Productin Sever2....etc)

    I need to provide the selection dropdown in the login as in which enviornment user need to connect (Test Sybase, Test SEQUEL, NC Sybase and so on.) Note : I wont be providing different servers(Test1, Test2...) in the dropdown.

    Based on the selection i need to keep handy all the Connection Strings Handy to the code. for eg: If user selects Test Sybase, the test enviornment will have different DB servers Test1, Test 2 etc. During the user session the application might retrieve data from different Test DB Servers.


    Approach :

       I have added all the connection strings in the Appconfig file as below, and i am loading the appsettings in the Drop down based on selection i have the connection strings loaded from the ConnectionStrings section.

        <add key="DB-TSRV-SYBASE" value="Non-Client Test(Sybase)"/>
        <add key="DB-PSRV-SYBASE" value="Non-Client Production(Sybase)"/>
        <add key="DB-EAGAN-SYBASE" value="Production Eagan(Sybase)"/>
        <add key="DB-TSRV-MSSQL" value="Non-Client Test(SQL Server)"/>
        <add key="DB-PSRV-MSSQL" value="Non-Client Production(SQL Server)"/>
        <add key="DB-EAGAN-MSSQL" value="Production Eagan(SQL Server)"/>
        <add name="PSRV1-SYBASE" connectionString="" />
        <add name="PSRV2-SYBASE" connectionString="" />
        <add name="TSRV1-SYBASE" connectionString="" />
        <add name="TSRV2-SYBASE" connectionString="" />
        <add name="EAGAN-SYBASE" connectionString="" />
        <add name="PSRV1-MSSQL" connectionString="" />
        <add name="PSRV2-MSSQL" connectionString="" />
        <add name="TSRV1-MSSQL" connectionString="" />
        <add name="TSRV2-MSSQL" connectionString="" />
        <add name="EAGAN-MSSQL" connectionString="" />


    For each Successful login there will be 2 or more connectionstrings that will be used, so should i keep the set of connection string in memory using some static object? or is there any better approach?


    Any response appreciated.





    Monday, September 19, 2011 1:31 PM


  • I would just leave them in the config file and fetch them on demand when they select them, this would be simple enough.
    Wednesday, September 21, 2011 5:09 AM