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    How can we PGP encrypt a file in SSIS and then supply the file to the user and ask the user to open the file  without any software program but with a password ?

    E.g Say I encrypted a csv file using SSIS and then supplied this file to user via email .Now how can the user open the file ? Does he need the keys and the password or the keys must be installed with a pgp encryption\decryption software on his machine.Can he decrypt with the keys and without any decryption software.

    My research so far says we can PGP encrypt a file using public and private keys and set a password and then use one of the Public\private key with the password to decrypt it using the same software which was used for encryption.

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  • I you are exchanging encrypted files then PGP public/private key encryption is what you need. The receiver of the files generates a public/private set of keys using any PGP compatible software and sends you the public key. You then use that key to encrypt the file and send it to the receiver. Only someone with the private key can decrypt the file. 

    To do this within SSIS you will need to use the Execute Process task combined with one of the many free PGP encryption programs out there.

    There are many references on the web on how to accomplish this. Here is one for starters:

    CozyRoc also sells a encryption component which greatly simplifies the process of encrypting files. I have used it before and it is excellent.

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