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    hello guys im trying to do something that should be pretty simple but i guess i have over compilcated things. here is the code. i basicall want to field an array of items and then send to the webservice. the only way that i have been able to do it is by using dim and redim and every article i have read so far say s that this is very inneficient.

    so how do  i do it?

    client side app code

     Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
            Dim xlApp As New Excel.Application
            Dim xlWorkbook As Excel.Workbook
            Dim xlWorksheet As Excel.Worksheet
            Dim validateThisJournal As New finfunctions.finfunctions
            Dim range As Excel.Range
            Dim rowCount As Integer
            Dim columnCount As Integer
            Dim Obj As Object
            'Dim ProductList As New System.Collections.Generic.List(Of String)
            Dim fundlist As List(Of String)
            Dim orglist As List(Of String)
            Dim proglist As List(Of String)
            Dim acctlist As List(Of String)
            Dim debitlist As List(Of String)
            Dim creditlist As List(Of String)
            Dim rowNumber As List(Of String)
            'Dim fundlist As System.Array
            ' fundlist = System.Array.CreateInstance(GetType(String), )
            'Dim fundlist As finfunctions.finfunctions
            'Dim orglist As ArrayList()
            'Dim proglist As ArrayList()
            'Dim acctlist As ArrayList()
            'Dim debitlist As ArrayList()
            'Dim creditlist As ArrayList()
            'Dim rowNumber As ArrayList()
            Dim strFilename As String
            OpenFD.InitialDirectory = "C:\"
            'OpenFD.Filter = "excels|*.xls|*.xlsx"
            strFilename = OpenFD.FileName
            FileNameDisplayBox.Text = strFilename
            xlApp.DisplayAlerts = False
            xlApp = New Excel.ApplicationClass
            xlWorkbook = xlApp.Workbooks.Open(strFilename)
            xlWorksheet = xlWorkbook.Worksheets("JV")
            xlApp.DisplayAlerts = False
            range = xlWorksheet.UsedRange
            Dim adrrs As String
            Dim adrrsSub As String
            'Dim countfund As Integer
            'Dim countorg As Integer
            'Dim countprog As Integer
            'Dim countacct As Integer
            'Dim countdebit As Integer
            'Dim countcredit As Integer
            'Dim countrow As Integer
            'count = 0
            ' read the excel spreadsheet and then load the list of strings to send into the database 
            ' for valiadation.
            For rowCount = 13 To 100 'do 100 rows
                For columnCount = 1 To 8 'do 8 columns.
                    'adrrs = range.Cells(rowCount, columnCount).Address
                    Obj = CType(range.Cells(rowCount, columnCount), Excel.Range)
                    adrrs = range.Cells(rowCount, columnCount).Address
                    adrrsSub = adrrs.Substring(1, 1)
                    'count = count + 1
                    If adrrsSub = "A" And Obj.value IsNot Nothing Then
                        ' ' ReDim fundlist(countfund)
                        'ReDim rowNumber(countfund)
                        'Journal.f_row_number = (rowCount)
                        'countfund = countfund + 1
                    End If
                    If adrrsSub = "B" Then
                        ' ReDim orglist(countorg)
                        'countorg = countorg + 1
                    End If
                    If adrrsSub = "C" Then
                        'ReDim acctlist(countacct)
                        'countacct = countacct + 1
                    End If
                    If adrrsSub = "d" Then
                        'ReDim proglist(countprog)
                        'countprog = countprog + 1
                    End If
                    If adrrsSub = "G" Then
                        ' ReDim debitlist(countdebit)
                        'countdebit = countdebit + 1
                    End If
                    If adrrsSub = "H" Then
                        'ReDim creditlist(countcredit)
                        ' countcredit = countcredit + 1
                    End If
                    If adrrsSub = "A" And (Obj.value) Is Nothing Then
                        'i had to exit the for with a goto statement i just couldn't
                        'get the exit for to work because the values were essenstially located 
                        'there are 2 exit fors so by using the subend i get out of the loop 
                        GoTo subend
                    End If
            'validateThisJournal.ValidateJournal(fundlist, orglist, proglist, acctlist, debitlist, creditlist, rowNumber)
            'Dim cnt As Integer = fundlist.RemoveAll(Function(x) x.Contains(""))
            validateThisJournal.ValidateJournal(fundlist, orglist, proglist, acctlist, debitlist, creditlist, rowNumber)
            xlApp.DisplayAlerts = False
            xlWorkbook.Saved = True
            ' MsgBox(strFilename)
        End Sub
     code for the webserivce
        Public Function ValidateJournal(ByVal w_fund As String(), _
                                        ByVal w_org As String(), _
                                        ByVal w_prog As String(), _
                                        ByVal w_acct As String(), _
                                        ByVal w_dr_ind As String(), _
                                        ByVal w_cr_ind As String(), _
                                        ByVal w_row As String()) As JVAL
     i get this awful error when the client side
     Error 1 Value of type 'System.Collections.Generic.List(Of String)' cannot be converted to '1-dimensional array of String'.  
     how do i do this correctly a code sample in vb.net would be most helpful
    Friday, July 1, 2011 6:17 AM


  • User2089553522 posted

    i figuered it out. i had to. fundlist.toArray

    Thanks everyone

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    Friday, July 1, 2011 6:42 AM

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