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  • I was wondering if I could use Ex Web to allow Captains to create their own profiles on my website or if that is a server/host side application.   I am hosted at godaddy and with all the captains that are contacting me to be added to my site it is going to get very time consuming for me to maintain if i have to continue constructing every captains page.

    I hope thius is in the right forum area,     Thanks, Capt Biggs


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  • Could EW do it?  Well, if they each had their own copy of EW, and if you set up FTP logins for them that went only to specific directories that would contain their page, it could.

    Since they'd have to all be trained on EW, this is not a likely solution.

    You could try ContentSeed (google and ye shall find).  You'd still have to set up logins for each captain, and a starting page for him or her, but they could log in via a web browser and edit/add to it.

    Or, consider a database application, where you populate the profiles from a database, and create logins for folks to edit their database records.  But you'd have to design that database application.

    Of course getting up to speed on, and maintaining, any of these options might not be faster than doing the pages yourself.

    Monday, April 19, 2010 10:39 PM
  • Yes you could do it with Expression and its controls.

    You would need to set the site up as a membership website where each captain could create an account with his own username and password,  login and fill out a form to create his own profile. Then you could easily bring up any captains profile from the database using something like a Detailsview. Since you have not done this before, it would involve quite a bit of learning and work.

    Things I found useful for creating a membership based website are here:

    It's not actually that difficult to get the basics of such a site set up, it can pretty much be done completely using the controls. Where it gets more complicated is in the security-type things. For example, you dont want someone  entering malicious code into your database when they create their account or their profile, and making sure that is impossible gets off into some coding things. You would at least need some modest protection against spambots (maybe a captcha) because you also dont want the robots to be creating accounts in your database.

    In a case like yours, it is unlikely a charter captain would do that. And especially if you charged a modest fee to set up an account, the  bad guys generally wont pay up just for the opportunity to try and hack your website.

    But, like I said at the beginning -  yes it is possible.

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  • Thanks folks, I guess it would be much easier to just use a social networking software company to incorporate this on their server and pay the monthly fee.  Not trying to become another facebook.   Go Daddy does have one that is listed on their providers list 
    Wednesday, April 21, 2010 6:46 PM
  • Content seed is the easiest I know of but there are a few others I referenced in a recent blog post at 
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    Thursday, April 22, 2010 10:04 PM