What does the PERF_COUNTER provider do? RRS feed

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  • I do assume that I can get performance counter data with this provider. How do I get the data? Do I need first to enable the counters with PerfMon or are simply all counters queried? So far I have not seen much useful data with wpa. I would have expected that I can see for each process the process name and the numeric value of the fetched counter besides its name.

    Is it possible to collect data for hours with xperf and to use profiling with a sample interval of 1s to get every second the call stacks of all threads? This way I could analyze hangs which do happen only after several hours of activity. So far I have seen that Profile stackwalking seems to capture only threads which were running at the time when the sample was taken. Is this correct?


      Alois Kraus

    Thursday, June 6, 2013 9:33 PM