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    Can someone clarify me the following?


    Does BizTalk 2006 R2 offer any kind of reporting , through which we can search for 850s, 810s by using PO number or invoice number, date range etc.


    Does reporting includes sort the messages by PO number or invoice number etc?


    Does reporting include PO number or invoice number  as a column in the records to directly identify the which PO or invoice it is and can open directly to view the corresponding data?


    Do we have resent/reset capability of inbound or outbound EDI messages in R2?


    Does R2 provide Web view of EDI messages in non-EDI/human readable fashion so that business users can have a look at them?




    Thursday, August 14, 2008 11:58 PM


  • Some of what you ask is included in BizTalk out-of-the-box, and some of it requires more work. EDI and AS2 status reporting does exist and gives you the ability to search for 850s and 810s by party (sender or receiver) and by date using the status reporting features of the BizTalk admin console. See this link for details on this:


    To apply PO logic and filters you will need to create a BAM tracking profile and include payload properties of the EDI message such as the PO number or invoice number to include it in the BAM reporting. Some built-in BAM activities go a long way towards this -, but you then need to add the EDI payload properties for the EDI messages you want to track.  


    For human readable reporting, you could take a BAM view and output it using SQL Server Reporting Services which is briefly mentioned at


    I usually use resend capabilities provided by a VAN like GXS. If your message gets suspended (and is resumable based on the port) you can always right-click on the suspended service instance in the BizTalk admin console and click resume.



    Friday, August 15, 2008 4:33 PM