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  • Hi all.  I am working on a streaming windows store app the uses a PMP and I need  to apply protection to the output.  I have tried several protection schema to determine if my implementation is correct but the results have not been what I expected. 

    For example for my DVI connection (MFCONNECTOR_DVI) it states that it supports MFPROTECTION_DISABLE. If I enable it I get a decode error and playback is rejected.  According to the documentation that I have what should have happened is the video rectangle should have been blanked while the rest of the screen is left unaffected.  If I look at the logs I can see that GetSchemaType() of my IMFOutputSchema implementation object returns the guid MFPROTECTION_DISABLE and GetConfigurationData() returns the non-zero value that states that it should be enabled.  However I don't see a call to GetOriginatorID().

    I have also tried MFPROTECTION_CONSTRICTVIDEO.  In this case GetSchemaType() also returns the appropriate guid and GetConfigurationData() returns a nonzero value stating that it should be enabled.  For the max number of pixels allowed I set that as a double word attribute MFPROTECTIONATTRIBUTE_CONSTRICTVIDEO_IMAGESIZE set to 50 which equates to 50,000 pixels.  This is all per the documentation I have.  I was expecting the video to be degraded.  I tried less and more but didn't see an affect. In this case I also don't see the call to GetOrigonatorID().

    Have any of you used these protections systems?  What were your observations?  Difficulties?

    In the end I have to have HDCP and CGMSA but I need test equipment to verify that its actually working.


    Wednesday, March 25, 2015 12:54 AM

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  • AFAIK, these attributes are only compatible with desktop app, I'm not sure if they can work in Store app...

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    Thursday, March 26, 2015 9:04 AM