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  • What would be the best way to create a "help" screen with the following setup:

    1. Have a button or link next to a field so that the client can click for more help.

    2. The screen with these buttons would have many different fields all with different help content.

    3. The content of the help screen may include text, video or audio explanations, links to downloads or websites, etc. and is updated often. In other words this isn't just a little pop up but a full blown help and resources screen.



    Thursday, March 13, 2014 10:21 PM


  • I use a button with a "?" icon to open a new window in "dialog" mode:

    (note: you can create an account and use the app at: http://writinggauntlet.com)

    On the "Help" page I have code like this:

    /// <reference path="../GeneratedArtifacts/viewModel.js" />
    myapp.Help_RespondToOffer.created = function (screen) {
       screen.details.displayName = "Help - Respond / Evaluate Offer";
    myapp.Help_RespondToOffer.ScreenContent_render = function (element, contentItem) {
        var strHTMLMessage = "This screen allows you to create a Response to an Offer by requesting to read, or to read and evaluate a Writing if the Author has created an Agreement with you.<br><br>";
        strHTMLMessage = strHTMLMessage + "<b>Status</b> – The options are None, Sent Response, or Has Agreement.<br><br>";
        strHTMLMessage = strHTMLMessage + "<b>Words</b> – The total count of the words in the associated Writing.<br><br>";
        strHTMLMessage = strHTMLMessage + "<b>Amount</b> – This is the amount, if any, that the Author agrees to pay if the evaluation is completed by the Agreement Expiration Date. The Agreement Expiration Date will be set if and when the Author accepts your Response and creates an Agreement. However, the earliest the Author can set an Agreement Expiration Date is 7 days from the date the Agreement is created.<br><br>";
        strHTMLMessage = strHTMLMessage + "<b>User Name</b> – This is the user name of the Author.<br><br>";
        strHTMLMessage = strHTMLMessage + "<b>Description</b> – This is the description of the associated Writing.<br><br>";
        strHTMLMessage = strHTMLMessage + "<b>Buttons on the screen:</b><br><br>";
        strHTMLMessage = strHTMLMessage + "<b>Send Message</b> – This takes you to a screen that will allow you to send a message to the Author.<br><br>";
        strHTMLMessage = strHTMLMessage + "<b>View Messages</b> – This takes you to a screen that allows you to see all the emails that have been sent in regards to this Offer.<br><br>";
        strHTMLMessage = strHTMLMessage + "<b>The remaining options on the screen will be different depending on the status of the Offer (None, or Has Agreement):</b><br><br>";
        strHTMLMessage = strHTMLMessage + "<b>(None):</b><br><br>";
        strHTMLMessage = strHTMLMessage + "<b>Request to Read</b> – Clicking this button will create a Response to read and evaluate the Writing associated with the Offer. You will also have the option to include a message that the Author will also see. The Author will have the opportunity to accept or decline your Response. If your Response is accepted or declined you will receive an email. You can review any messages by clicking the View Messages button (see above).<br><br>";
        strHTMLMessage = strHTMLMessage + "<b>(Has Agreement):</b><br><br>";
        strHTMLMessage = strHTMLMessage + "<b>Agreement Expiration Date</b> – This is the date the Agreement expires. If the evaluation is not completed before this date the Author is not required to pay any money due for the Agreement.<br><br>";
        strHTMLMessage = strHTMLMessage + "<b>The Writing</b> – The Writing associated with the offer will display in a collapsible list. The list is collapsed into sections (usually called chapters). Clicking on a section opens the list and reveals the pages. Clicking on a page opens a screen that allows you to read and evaluate the page and enter comments about the page.<br><br>";
        strHTMLMessage = strHTMLMessage + "<b>Mark Evaluation Completed</b> – When all the pages for all the sections have been evaluated, this button submits the evaluation to the Author. If any payment is due, the Author is now required to make payment. If payment is due, the Author will not be able to see the results of the evaluation until they make payment. (This button will not be displayed after the evaluation has been submitted). <i>Note, you must have a valid PayPal email address in your Profile to receive payment.</i><br><br>";
        element.innerHTML = strHTMLMessage;

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