Wanted: WCF Sample to demonstrate Client impersonation RRS feed

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  • There are some interesting programs like IIS/IISExpress and MSSQLServer that can impersonate the Windows client.

    Years ago I posted a query in this WCF forum and learned that WCF/MSMQ has a feature whereby the WCF client proxy records the domain identity so that the WCF/MSMQ server will impersonate the client (similar to IIS and MSSQLServer?)

    As I recall, this WCF/MSMQ feature requires membership in a domain. Is this still true? (IIS and MSSQLSever do not require domain membership).

    Can someone point me to a WCF/MSMQ client/server example that demonstrates impersonation so that when the server spawns child processes and read/writes files it does so as the client would? Where is the documentation on this feature?

    What is necessary to develop and run such a WCF/MSMQ server? Is a local admin account sufficient or does it require a domain admin account to configure and launch such server? I want the WCF/MSMQ service to be able to spawn processes and read/write files as the calling client.



    siegfried heintze

    Thursday, August 29, 2019 1:56 PM