How to combine two lists for single Search scope rule?


  • We have a list and a library store “document” related information:

    document detail (list) – document name, purpose, taxonomy…etc

    document (library) – document name, title, datetime received… etc


    Our users need to be able to search out the documents via document name, title, purpose, taxonomy, datetime received. So we put both into same search scope “document scope”. After we tested, if we search for document name “test.docx” it will return two results (one result from document summary and another from process document).

    We don’t want to disable “view duplicate” option.

    1. Can we exclude “document name” from “document (library)” in the scope? So that it will only return one result in above example?
    2. Can we combine"
    document detail" and "document (library)" into something (maybe view?) and put into the scope? So that only one result returned in above example.
    3. Any other idea?

    If above two approachs not work, I can only think of :

    1. Replicate the data from document detail to document every night. Setup search scope on document only.
    2. Using Jquery to mock up the combined search results

    I think it will cause more problems... which we would like to avoid.

    Thanks for any input!

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