Customizing Filter/Sort/Group Toolbar in a DVWP for Joined Subviews RRS feed

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  • I've seen many posts on similar subjects, but I haven't seen any specific solutions.  Here's the scenario: I have a DWVP with an aggregate data source of three lists.  For simplicity purposes, I have created a sample DVWP displaying a single field (Deliverables) from the first list and a single field from a joined subview.  The joined subview pulls a field (Business Unit) from the second list based upon the ID of that list entry, and that ID is included in a field (BUID) in the first list.  This works as you would expect.

    Now, I want to modify the Filter/Sort/Group toolbar in the DWVP to incorporate the field in the joined subview.  I know that the dvt_1 template calls the dvt_1.toolbar template and passes the $Rows parameter to it.  The $Rows parameter is defined as the data from the first list, so the data from the second list is not incorporated.

    I'm not a programmer, so a lot of this stuff is too technical for me.  Can anyone walk me through how to make the modifications?  We're using MOSS 2007 and SP Designer 2007. Thanks.

    Thursday, March 24, 2011 3:42 PM