windows10 new creators update to be coming soon, and can't get any answers, and really don't know what category since post i was directed to was from 2012! So I guessed! RRS feed

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  • Short version of issue in Title. Today is march 14, 2017.I have windows 10 from the free upgrade last year with anniversary update/upgrade and monthly updates. I was in settings checking, downloading , having updates installed. a message appeared about a New windows 10 creators update. I followed links for information, to Edge website page -

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    Windows 10

    No real info about what this update is all about. The virtual agent pops up for a preview? that 's what it said. I typed in the info and it didn't know what I was talking about and kept asking what version of windows I wanted to install. I have the updated version of the free windows 10 we downloaded and installed a year ago (or so), I had also stated windows 10 in the typed in information; 2nd time ended up giving me a couple links, the posts being from 2012, nothing to do with new creators update!

    It also said it would let me know when they would send it to be installed but NO information about what it is at all. I never agreed to have it installed, I want to know about it first so I can make an informed decision. Is this even a recognized site anymore? I hope so, I am tired of problems with updates, having to do too many major fixes, and being told I can't install the free win 10 upgrade on my pc when it was screw ups with windows and msn that prevented it from working on time. Another new update, is this one free? worries me.

    I am on disability and have had mixed and opposing views of whether I can get the upgrade for windows 10 free on my desktop. I am currently on my boyfriends laptop. I was unable to update the original windows 7 on my PC , and neither was I able to upgrade to windows 10, my working equipment is currently shut down due to this. Including, but not limited to my ASUS PC, slots wouldn't copy properly, mybook which i used for making backups, wouldn't work, wouldn't work with wifi very well and the all in one web printer won't work at all except as a plain old copy machine.

    These problems and more all started when trying to decide about windows 10 free upgrade, updates for win7 quit working properly, taking not only hours but days, then not really installed properly. Tried switching to windows10, it downloaded but wouldn't install properly, trying many times before deadline, with issues become progressively worse.

    I am trying to avoid this and/or other issues because of not knowing what the heck windows is talking about, on the only working PC type device, our laptop, that is working. I have tried and tried so many ways and so many times to have this issue fixed. I would like windows and MSN to back up their software. hardware, programs, everything like they say and basically have in the past. Which is why I am still with them. All of my equipment was working properly until trying to upgrade to the windows 10 free upgrade last year. Now it is shut down unplugged to prevent further issues and losing an awesome set up with very good equipment.

    So, what is this windows 10 creators update, AND

    How are you going to take care of the first problem with my desktop PC and all the equipment so I can use it again?

    I believe I have given enough information at least to start with. Can I get a real answer and some real help this time? I was lead to believe you had programs for those on disability. When asked i received a rather short, and somewhat rude answer that it only had to do with vision issues or typing vs mouse, stuff like that. What's the difference if I can't even use my equipment at all? I have done much research from many, many sites, including yours, MSN, tech sites, windows sites, and now the answers were NA from 2012. I am a long time client of windows products, and can do many things to do basic fixes for problems. I am not being paid as a tech, and spent 100's of hours at least getting this laptop working. Probably much more than that if including the PC, and devices I bought with it.

    I need a real, current answer for legitimate questions, please.


    Jeannie C/aka/KrazeeWitha'K'

    I do have an outlook account, but if you don't have it< i need to know this is legitimate before giving anymore personal information. Thank YOU.

    PS - I guessed on the forum category because I do not really know what this would fall under.

    Wednesday, March 15, 2017 1:08 AM