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    After searching enough in forums and net, I actually could not find my solution. My problem, which many here must have heard before, is I have a setup project with custom action for Install and Rollback. As .NET Framework is automatically included in my launch condition and when I am adding it in the prerequisite , I am getting the dotnetfx.exe which is required for the .Net Framework installation. Now my client requires absolute silence during the product installation. I am going to ship the dotnetfx.exe installer separately (not with the MSI) and I know the place where it will be kept in case target systems dont have .NET framework installed. Now I am adding that location in the InstallURL in the properties of launch condition (.NET framework). Now my question is how to do the installation aboslutely silently without any popups.

    I could search a command line query like dotnetfx.exe /q:a /c:”install /q” which is said to install .NET framework silently but I need to know how to add that in my installer project. Or there is some other way I could do this?
    The same question applies to MDAC and IIS.

    It is the first time I am into installer creation, so please consider me novice while answering.

    Thank you.
    Wednesday, February 20, 2008 3:12 PM





    I did something similar recently to make a prerequisite install silent, you could potentially apply my approach to your situation.


    Basically I had to roll out the VSTO runtime and Office PIAs as prerequisites along with my project and I had to make the prereq installs completely silent.


    I created a batch file called VSTO_Prerequisites.bat with the following syntax:


    @echo off

    REM replace \\rocaton1\sw_packages\Office2K3_Runtimes with the path where you will have your prereq Setup.exe/MSI

    "\\rocaton1\sw_packages\Office2K3_Runtimes\VSTOR.exe" /q:a /c:"install /q"

    "\\rocaton1\sw_packages\Office2K3_Runtimes\O2003PIA.MSI" /q

    REM Do not delete this line:
    echo complete > complete.txt

    My deployment was in house so I had my prereqs on the network, if you are shipping your deployment to external clients you could copy the prereq and batch file locally to the users machine(through the setup) and change the batch file paths accordingly.


    After that, I created a dummy console app in my project solution, which we will use to call the Batch file.


    Following is the code for the dummy console app:


    using System.Diagnostics;

    static void Main(string[] args)


    Process myProcess;

    myProcess = new Process();

    String filepath2 = "\\\\rocaton1\\sw_packages\\Office2K3_Runtimes\\VSTO_Prerequisites.bat";

    Process.Start("cmd.exe", "/C " + filepath2);




    You would add a custom action to your setup project on 'Commit' and the custom action should point to the exe of the dummy console app.


    This will install the prereqs silently. Hope this helps.



    Thursday, February 21, 2008 2:58 PM