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  • Dear Microsoft,


    After scouring the web for about 8 hours I found an answer to a simple problem that caused severe pain.


    Using Central Admin I backed up a customers wss content and attempted to restore it to my virtual machine test environment. Using Central Admin I restored to a new configuration. The backup went smoothly and completed with no errors. Accesing the new site content DB's shows as having 0 sites. The content database is attached. The source machine SQL versions and WSS versions are identical. There is an upgrade.log present showing it processing the content and raised no errors.


    Faced with this dilema of having no restore option, we threw the backup on another server with the same environment and the restore worked the same but sites appeared.


    We searched yet again for 0 sites after a restore and found a blog that mentioned that a site collection is driven by a guid and can not be restored into a farm if the collection is present. AHA. I wanted to test dev code against a current customer backup in case they changed the site. On the same machine I had an older copy working. I wanted to have two instances. Since I could not trust a backup could be restored I dare not delete my working copy of the site.


    Having found that the restore will not put a site collection live with an existing site collection with the same guid I did pluck up the courage to backup and delete my copy of the site. I restored the customers current version with ease. Everything was as it should be.


    So, IF a copy of the site collection is being restored into a farm even as a NEW installation on a new URL, the backup quietly doesn't work. What should have happened is a warning in the backup status screen, logs, or event logs stating that a Site collection with the same GUID is already in the farm, content has been restored but perhaps should not have been. Better still perform the check and refuse to restore. Even better still offer the user to create a new GUID (I realise this is not a clever idea because sites would look the same but could not replace an existing site etc).


    The real pain was endured with many hours with NO errors, no warnings, no messages and the distinct impression that the backup process did exactly what it thought it should.


    Ho Hum. Now I know.


    Keywords: stsadm restore site collection 0 zero missing wss 3.0



    Wednesday, February 20, 2008 1:39 PM