Increase C Drive space in azure Windows Server 2008


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    I have a windows azure server. Have OS Windows Server 2008. The Problem is C drive is running out of space. i need to install SQL server 2012 but there is no space in C drive. how can i increase the space in Windows C Drive ?. C Drive is in a seperate disk and unallocated space are in different disk.Any help thanks in advance. i tried Some third party tools but none has option to increase or share space across different disk.

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    Sunday, March 10, 2013 5:53 PM


  • You should never install SQL Server on the c drive since this will be a performance bottleneck. Always use data disks to install additional software for your base VM image. The best practice is to create striped data disks by adding multiple storage accounts and create a disk in each of them and add them to your VM. Reason for this is that each storage account is throttled to 20.000 operations per second, using multiple account will increase your disk throughput dramatically. After you did this you can stripe them together via disk management in the VM.

    To do all this in a manageble fashion poweshell cmdlets are the best instrument to do it.

    Apart from this you can resize the C: drive (127GB maximum) by deleting your VM and unleasing the disks so you can tweak the VHD files in blob storage. There is a tool here that lets you resize the VHD without having to download it. Increasing the C drive is also a best practice but no so you can install more software on it but because windows performs better when there is more free space.

    Please note that creating more accounts and disks and a bigger C drive doesn't cost you extra money. You only pay for the bytes you used since VHDs are page blobs that are only billed for each 512 bytes pages that have been written.

    The details of doing all this can be found on this blog by Nuno Godinho within a couple of days. Nuno talked about the details during the TechDays event in The Netherlands last thursday and friday and he mentioned he would post all the details (and powershell scripts).

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    Sunday, March 10, 2013 7:04 PM