WinCe 5.0 how can process available physical go down, but available virtual stay the same ? RRS feed

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  • I am hoping someone has run into this one before.

    I have been monitoring a situation  wherein memory decreases  in a particular configuration of my CE 5 product.

    I monitor the AP and AV via  GlobalMemoryStatus of coredll.dll through pinvokes in my managed application.

    I start off with 68% memory load (13.6MB AP and 15.9MB AV) and  lose about 0.1MB/day on the physical but no change in virtual.

    Using remote perfmon, there appears to be a correlation betwen the services.exe on the box increasing in the Heap memory and total Available physical going down.

    This particular configuration of CE connects to an SMTP server to send emails occasionally and also on occasion it has its web server getting hit.

    A co-workers believes that the increase only happens when the ethernet cable is plugged in and perhaps the increases happen on faulty disconnects and then the memory never gets reclaimed. This will be one of our next tests.

    We have extensively stress tested the email and web-server getting banged and have not seen this increase on other setups we have going.

    The pain about this bug is that it seems like such a slow leak, taking about 3 months to go from start of 68% load to 90's at which point system comes to a crawl, and the fact that we can't totally blame it on a leak in our app, because the increase is not in our OEM application process space.

    I have also tried services stop  and unload on the htp0: and nothing changed there.

    I am gonna try to compile virtualmemory.exe from codeproject to map out the VM layout to see if I can get any clues there.

    But I guess one question I had is if it is possible for my managed application process to cause leaks in services.exe?!?!

    Also if anyone has suggestions on tracking down this memory monster bug, I would really appreciate it. It has chewed up a lot of my curiousity and time.


    Wednesday, March 7, 2012 4:54 PM