Using AD EmployeeID in a SSRS query in SharePoint 2013


  • I have successfully installed SSRS 2012 in SharePoint 2013 and have used it to query a SQL database and build a report. Now, I'd like to query only for the data associated only with to the currently logged-in SharePoint user's EmployeeID. The database holds a field called EmpID, which I have exported into the EmployeeID field in Active Directory, and sync'd into SharePoint through the User Profile service. The SQL database being queried has no other connections to Active Directory.

    If the query is simple, i.e., Select * from Emp where EmpID=<user's EmployeeID> , how do I pass EmployeeID into the query from the SharePoint User Profile?

    This is my first SSRS project, so please be descriptive!

    Tuesday, April 01, 2014 9:47 PM


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