Initiate a VoIP call via RTC API on WM6 RRS feed

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  • Hello everyone, it's my first post here. Please help me with a small problem: I have a WM6 device (Glofiish X800) with a VoIP enabled (WM6VoIP.cab). Built-in VoIP dialer works perfectly with my sipnet.ru profile. Now I'm trying to initiate a VoIP call from my application. I use RTC API for this (rtcdll.dll etc.). I've got headers from the RTC Client API v.1.3 SDK for desktop. Here are the examples I follow: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms775274(VS.85).aspx Everything compiles and runs ok, the objects get created, I even receive RTC events through IRTCEventNotification. But when I try to enable and register my profile (exactly the same to which I provisioned and it worked), I receive RTCRS_ERROR state with the status 0x800703EB (ERROR_CAN_NOT_COMPLETE). ThrowIfFailed(::CoCreateInstance(CLSID_RTCClient, NULL, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, IID_IRTCClient, OUT (LPVOID*)(&client_))) ; ThrowIfFailed(client_->Initialize()) ; ThrowIfFailed(client_->QueryInterface(IID_IRTCClientProvisioning, OUT (LPVOID*) &prov_)) ; ThrowIfFailed(client_->put_EventFilter(RTCRF_REGISTER_ALL)) ; { CComPtr<IConnectionPointContainer> connPtCont ; ThrowIfFailed(client_->QueryInterface(IID_IConnectionPointContainer, OUT (void**)&connPtCont)) ; ThrowIfFailed(connPtCont->FindConnectionPoint(IID_IRTCEventNotification, OUT &connPt_)) ; CComPtr<IUnknown> myUnknown ; ThrowIfFailed(QueryInterface(IID_IUnknown, OUT (void**)&myUnknown)) ; ThrowIfFailed(connPt_->Advise(myUnknown, OUT &handlerConnectionCookie_)) ; } static const PCTSTR KProfileXml = L"<provision key='1232ab01' name='SIPNET'>" L" <provider name='SIPNET' />" L" <user account='sim123456' password='s1i2m3'" L" uri='sip:3464167@sipnet.ru'" L" allowedauth='digest'/>" L" <sipsrv addr='sipnet.ru:5060' protocol='UDP' role='proxy'>" L" <session party='first' type='pc2pc' />" L" <session party='first' type='pc2ph' />" L" </sipsrv>" L" <sipsrv addr='sipnet.ru:5060' protocol='UDP' role='registrar'/>" L"</provision>" ; CComBSTR profileXmlBstr(KProfileXml) ; ThrowIfFailed(prov_->CreateProfile(profileXmlBstr, OUT &profile_)) ; ThrowIfFailed(prov_->EnableProfile(profile_, RTCRF_REGISTER_ALL)) ; I tried to pass 0 to EnableProfile() (to avoid registration) and then make a call. I call CreateSession() and then AddParticipant(), then I receive RTCSS_INPROGRESS with status 0 and then RTCSS_DISCONNECTED with status 0x800703EB (ERROR_CAN_NOT_COMPLETE). ThrowIfFailed(client_->CreateSession(RTCST_PC_TO_PHONE, 0, profile_, RTCCS_FORCE_PROFILE, OUT &session_)) ; CComBSTR other(L"sip:+79168287599@sipnet.ru") ; CComPtr<IRTCParticipant> participant ; ThrowIfFailed(session_->AddParticipant(other, 0, OUT &participant)) ; Please, anyone, if you've tried this at home, tell me what am I doing wrong? The device is in flight mode, connected via ActiveSync USB, internet is accessible. Here is the event handling code: HRESULT CRtcDialog::Event( RTC_EVENT RTCEvent, IDispatch *pEvent ) { PRINTF1(_CRtcDialog, "RTCEvent = %d", RTCEvent) ; if (RTCEvent == RTCE_REGISTRATION_STATE_CHANGE) return HandleRegistrationStateChange(pEvent) ; if (RTCEvent == RTCE_SESSION_STATE_CHANGE) return HandleSessionStateChange(pEvent) ; return S_OK ; } HRESULT CRtcDialog::HandleRegistrationStateChange(IDispatch *pIDispatch) { ThrowIfNull(pIDispatch) ; CComPtr<IRTCRegistrationStateChangeEvent> regChangeEvent ; ThrowIfFailed(pIDispatch->QueryInterface(IID_IRTCRegistrationStateChangeEvent, OUT (void**)&regChangeEvent)) ; HRESULT hr ; RTC_REGISTRATION_STATE regState ; hr = regChangeEvent->get_State(OUT &regState) ; CComBSTR statusText ; hr = regChangeEvent->get_StatusText(OUT &statusText) ; long statusCode = 0 ; hr = regChangeEvent->get_StatusCode(OUT &statusCode) ; PRINTF3(_CRtcDialog, "regState = %d (0x%08X: %s)", regState, statusCode, statusText) ; return S_OK ; } Thanks in advance.
    Thursday, February 12, 2009 3:58 PM