Refreshing dataview "Multiple Item Form" when source list is updated RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    I know this question has been asked but I have yet to find an answer. If there is one, I'm sorry for asking it again, but I've been on Google for a week or so and I need a little bit more help than what I've found.

    I'm in SharePoint 2007, using SharePoint Designer, building a dashboard out of a handful of dataview multiple item forms. I've managed to get web part connections, filters, and even setting cookies with JavaScript to filter a dataview by parameter on a different page. The thing I can't figure out is that if I edit a list item with the dataview form, another dataview displaying columns from the same list don't automatically update.

    The dashboard I'm working with has two main lists, one holds request number, customer and details, and the next is line items within that request. The dataviews start with a list of customers, which filters the next dataview to show a list of open requests based on the customer selected, and then that view filters another view to display the selected request's details in a one-line form, and under it the line item details. Two more views below that show more line item details, but only the columns that deal with the costing information, and then the overhead pricing information. If I change data in the first line item view and save it, the other two views don't update, etc. Pretty standard.

    I've tried Jaap Vossers' SharePoint LiveListData jQuery trick but it doesn't seem to work with these webparts, or out of the box datasheet view webparts either (the first version of this dashboard I built used those). I tried to mimic the methods he used but I couldn't manage it. I'm ok with JavaScript and learning jQuery is something on my list, but I don't know if I can manage that within the time frame I've been given for this task.

    Any thoughts, leads or suggestions would be most welcome at this point. I'll try to post screenshots if that would help, but I'm not sure what would be allowed for me to use from my environment though (a hand-drawn scribble of the dashboard may be all I'm allowed to post...).

    Thanks for your time!

    Wednesday, June 27, 2012 9:16 PM