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  • Hi all,

    I have having this SQL query. When I put the code into TableAdapter Configuration Wizard, the wizard did not detect any column nor @startdate and @enddate parameter. To resolve the @startdate and @enddate parameter issue, I manually add using Parameters Collection Editor. The question left is how I am able to make Sample_Value and Sample_TDate appear in the DataTable column. I need the column to generate chart in RDLC report.

    DECLARE @TempFrequency as table 
       Sample_Value float,
       Sample_TDate datetime
    DECLARE @TempSortFrequency as table 
       RowIdFrequency int identity(1,1),
       Sample_Value float,
       Sample_TDate datetime
    Declare @TempGoodFrequency as table
    Sample_Value float,
    Sample_Tdate datetime
    insert into @TempFrequency(Sample_Value, Sample_TDate)
    select Sample_Value, Sample_TDate
    from totesttable
    cross apply
    (select Sample_Value_1, Sample_TDate_1 union all
    select Sample_Value_2, Sample_TDate_2
    d (Sample_Value, Sample_TDate)
    where Signal_Index = 4 and Sample_TDate is not null
    insert into @TempSortFrequency
    select Sample_Value, Sample_TDate from @TempFrequency
    ORDER BY CAST(CONVERT(varchar(10), Sample_TDate, 101) 
    + ' ' + CONVERT(varchar(8), Sample_TDate, 108) AS DATETIME)
    SELECT format(MAX(Sample_Value), '##.##') as Sample_value, DATEADD(minute, DATEDIFF(minute, 0, Sample_TDate) / 30 * 30, 0) as Sample_TDate FROM @TempSortFrequency AS tbl WHERE (Sample_TDate BETWEEN @startdate AND @enddate) GROUP BY DATEADD(minute, DATEDIFF(minute, 0, Sample_TDate) / 30 * 30, 0) ORDER BY Sample_TDate asc

    Monday, September 18, 2017 9:24 AM


  • Hi CF.Choong

    Thank you for posting the problem here.

    For TableAdapter, it just provides communication between your application and a database. They connect to the database, run queries or stored procedures, and either return a new data table or fill an existing DataTable with the returned data. TableAdapters can also send updated data from your application back to the database. But it doesn’t create a table by TableAdapter. If you would like to create and configure a TableAdapter, you could refer to the following link.


    For your code, I made a test which I got an error, as follows.

    For the usage of TablAdapter, it just can execute some select/update/insert/delete query statement.

    As the above picture shows, TableAdapter is used to connect and access a database.

    If  you would like to insert some data into your table, you could refer to the following gif picture.

    Attaching file

    Here is the result:

    If you would like to create a stored procedure, you could refer to the following.

    I'm glad to be of help to you.

    Best Regards,


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