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  • I'm using Microsoft Graph .NET SDK to update outlook events. Following code successfully updates the Subject, and Body attributes of an event. But when I try to update the `Start` and/or `End` dates of the the event (that are of the dateTimeTimeZone type) I get the error shown below:

    Question: What may be the cause of the error, and how can we resolve it? Please note that the event has valid local Start and End dates as `8/21/2020 11:00AM` and `8/21/2020 11:30AM` respectively. And, in the debug mode, `VS2019` is showing: `Start.get returns null`

    **Screenshot of the error**:


     1. The above error occurs if I uncomment the line `Start = { DateTime = "2020-08-20T08:30:00.0000000", TimeZone = "UTC" }` below.
     2. The values of `authProvider` and `"{id}"` varibles are not that relevant to the error as the code with the real values works fine without the line `Start =....` of the code.

    GraphServiceClient graphClient = new GraphServiceClient( authProvider );
        var @event = new Event
        Subject = "Test subject",
            Body= new ItemBody { Content = "Test body content"}
            //Start = { DateTime = "2020-08-20T08:30:00.0000000", TimeZone = "UTC" }
        await graphClient.Me.Events["{id}"]

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