Not getting LastVerbExecuted from the exchange server when replied to an email RRS feed

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  • My client uses Exchange Active Sync (EAS) to communicate with the exchange server. When I reply to an email (SendMail), I do not get the LastVerbExecuted parameter from the server. My question is, is client supposed to set this field and send it as a part of the Change command or server should do that for me?

    Just to add, when OWA is used to reply to some email, it seems to have set the LastVerbExecuted just fine on the server. However, when I sent an email from my client it does not seem to be working and the server does not send the LastVerbExecuted as 'ReplyToSender'.

    Edit: I suppose the problem is with my client not sending any element in SendMail command request which will help the server to identify which email is being responded to. So now my actual question is, which element can be used in SendMail command to send the identity of the actual email (which is replied to)?
    Friday, September 5, 2014 2:52 PM