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    VSTS 2010 Release:  October 2008 CTP (10.0.11001.1 CP2VPC)

    Walkthrough:  “Designing Your Application at a Logical Level ”

    1.       It would be nice to have “Drag and Drop” of classes to layer-diagram. For example, drag the xy.lcd and xy.lcd file to layer diagram and classed contained n that file should be shown in diagram. Shown means really shown as class-shapes. Currently it is possible to see classes in the layer as “show links” only.

    2.       Additionally, it would be great to have a possibility to drag layer from one to another one. Currently we can do it by using context-menu “Move to layer”.

    3.        When one has opened the class code, the context menu “Move o layer” should be available too.


    4.       Similarly, when one clicks on the Project Folder (subfolder of one project in the solution) the context menu “Move o layer” should be available too. This would enforce that all classes contained in the folder are automatically implemented in specific layer.

    5.       Dragging of the Project Folder to layer diagram would be also a useful feature.

    6. Show association and collection asociation in .lcd diagram is missing.

    7. Layer diagram toolbox should have some kind of comment- and rectangle-shapes which could be used for additionall documetation purposes. These could also be created automatically if requested. This feature could show in which physical components are layers imlemented. For example L1 and L2 in one rectangle-shape are components of BizTalk server pipeline.

    8. Select Items and arrange items in all provided diagrams. Distance of selected shape should be automatically calculated.

    Tuesday, December 30, 2008 10:24 PM

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