Macro security can not be enabled, Microsoft Office Security Dialog box is an empty box RRS feed

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  •  I have an Word 2007 document signed with a valid Versign VBA code signing certificate.  The document is a standard .doc file saved in compatibility mode and signed on a Vista for Business OS (32 bit) and Office 2007 (all patches and service pack applied).

    It works on some computers, but on others (both XP and Vista have failed, so far it always works on Word 2003, but when it fails it is always on Word 2007), the Microsoft Office Security Options dialog box is a blank dialog box with only an OK and Cancel button.  On about half the computers we open the document on it works as expected.

    It should have at least a couple radio buttons displayed such as enabling the macro, trusting all content from this publisher, etc.

    Then the Options button in the message bar just disappears and there is no way to enable the macros except to enable "ALL" macros or add the location as trusted location, both of which are not good options for a macro enabled document distributed to a large customer base. 

    If you click the "macros have been disabled" message box and wait for a second or two, the Macros message with the "Options" button just rolls up and disappears all by itself.  If you are quick enough to click the options button before it disappears, you get the Microsoft Office Security Options dialog with a blank screen and just the OK and Cancel buttons (no radio buttons with options).

    Why does the options dialog box have no options displayed?  Why do I get no ability to enable the macro/trust the publisher on SOME Office 07 computers when it works fine on others?

    The code signing cert is a new 3 year VBA code signing cert from Verisign, they said it was a MSFT problem.   We also had similar problems with a Thawte code signing cert, so it doesn't appear to be a problem with the certs.
    Wednesday, February 25, 2009 3:37 AM