Why did error C3986 "signature of member contains native type" occur on public function? RRS feed

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  • I added this bit of code to the BlankPage project's BlankPage.xaml.h:

    	public ref class BlankPage sealed
    		// blankpage.xaml.h(21): error C3986: 'notAllowed': signature of member contains native type 'std::vector<T>'
    		 template<typename Numeric> static     Numeric notAllowed(  const std::vector<Numeric> & data ); // 
    		virtual void OnNavigatedTo(Windows::UI::Xaml::Navigation::NavigationEventArgs^ e) override;
    	template<typename Numeric> static     Numeric minmaxError(  const std::vector<Numeric> & data );

    My question: Why does notAllowed give a compiler error, and yet minmaxError compiles ok?

    The only difference I see is that one is public, and the other is protected.

    Where can I read about these limitations?

    Thursday, May 31, 2012 6:36 PM


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