Aero Snap - Issue with reset message and applications that do not use proportionality RRS feed

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  • What "product" in MS Connect is recommended to submit an issue with aero "snap" ?

    Here is my issue:

    Once a window has been fully extended in height using Aero "Snap", this secondary feature becomes enabled: Grab the title bar of the height extended window and move the mouse slightly up (it won't move the window because it is already at the top screen edge) and then down. Observe the window JUMPS back to it's original height.

    Some applications partition a window into sub-windows (e.g. Visual Studio), and intentionally don't use proportionality to decide on sub-window sizes when the main window is resized (VS does use it). When using an application of this type with "snap", the issue is it is too easy for the application window to be reset when mouse vertical movement noise is introduced during a horizontal drag.   The result is the loss of the carefully positioned sub-windows of the app.

    I would like to suggest on MS connect that the up-down mouse movment used to trigger the snap reset be replaced by something not so easily confused with a horizontal move.

    Any suggestions which product I can make this suggestion to?

    Friday, March 11, 2011 10:28 PM