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  • I apologize for the question and if this is not the right forum but I am facing a potential extreme amount of work if I cannot find an easier way.  I was hoping for something like what MS publishes for GPO's in a spreadsheet where they list out all the GPO's and explanation.  It comes down to needing all the metrics from 2008 R2 SP1 since they rolled out SP1 I need to update my metrics for this and I also need to pull all the metrics for every infrastructure role, each role adding roughly 100 metrics.  There are two reasons for this; part 1 is simply defining MLM for the base servers so we have up/down data being collected in the repository and we can start adjusting the alerting and then we adjust the threshholds for each metric (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green) then setup the automated alerting to OPAS (a CMDB with CI's defined) which subsequently opens a "ticket" and routes this ticket to a pre-defined Queue.


    Pretty straight forward - right? Well, I could probably obtain this information fairly quick but I have a 2nd phase where certain teams have requested reports with some fairly complex combinations.  I understand the need.  The problem is all I have is a collection repository and no third-party tools required.  The INF components should add all the metrics I need but I do not wish to logon to every server and add this manually.  I already have to review 1000's of metrics to ascertain which require collection in the repository so Team B can create the reports using whatever processes necessary; whether that is Reporting Server and OLAP cubes or some other method you cannot have reporting without the data.  That is like putting the horse before the cart. 

    Some of the infrastructure components are as follows:  XenDesktop 5 SP1 64 Bit, Citrix Provisioning Server 5.6.1 then also 6.0 64 Bit, VCenter 4.12 and 5.0, VDA Agent 12.1 and higher + the new VDA agent for IE9, XenApp 6, Citrix Web Interface 5+ and IIS 7, specific HDX metrics.

    Then, I need certain metrics specific to Active Directory 2008 R2 SP1 (which we manage), DNS, and DHCP (used by XenDesktop and the virtual desktops).

    My "reporting team" assures me just get us the WMI data and we can create the reports.  They have not failed me yet and the Citrix EDOCS have some of these metrics listed out but not all.  At a minimum, I was hoping for a spreadsheet that lists the 2008 R2 SP1 base, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, Quota Services, Branch Cache, File Sharing, DFS, and a few other roles I'm using to host data.  (Citrix UPM)

    Also, my file server is 2008 R2 SP1 running Clustered Services with SQL 2008 R2 SP1 running in disk node majority > I need these metrics capture back to the repository.

    The repository is basically a huge database but integrates tightly with a proprietary implementation of ITIL V3.

    ALL I need to do is identify the metrics to capture back to the repository.  The only data that matters for Team 1 is the up/down baseline processor/memory/disk IO for creating basic level reporting on a new offering.

    The other metrics from the INF components listed above and some not listed are also collected and Team B is then handed a list of reports and it is critical that I have all the metrics captured back to the same repository.

    A report could be something as simple as # of users in Desktop Group 1 > Desktop group being Active Directory Domain Local Group with users from 1000's of Domains but the infrastructure is always the same. 

    I've looked for anything that will just give me a list of what is added to perfmon for Server 2008 R2 then SP1, SQL 2008 R2, "roles" - when you add a role it adds metrics!, can someone please tell me they have a list with all these metrics listed or do I have to add each role and one by one add them manually to a spreadsheet, including the description and measurements then go back and figure out the ones I need and create calculations based on current processor type, storage, et cetera.

    Any help appreciated.  Regards.

    Thursday, July 14, 2011 6:35 PM

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  • Hi Brian,

    not sure if I understand you complex request right and I'm sorry for that.

    If I read your description first I was thinking about SCOM 2007. And customized counters around your requested baselines for CPU, memory etc.
    With my second view I think that powershell can provide your a list like "what roules installed". Nor sure but I think "get-servermanager roules" or simular was the command for that.
    With my last view I would say this is a verry good example for the Microsoft public cloud. With SCOM you can achieve this set of requested reports.


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