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  • Hey Everyone,

    My company is testing out FSLogix and have encountered issues with user profiles after updating the UWP apps on our VMWare Horizon golden image. It seems that any UWP app that was updated after the users initial profile container was created, now shows the UWP apps with the wrong name.

    Calculator shows up as "ms-resource:AppName"
    Photos shows up as "ms-resource-AppFriendlyName"
    Weather shows up as "ms-resource-ApplicationTitleShort"
    Windows Store shows up as "ms-resource:StoreTitle"

    If i logon with a new account that doesn't have a profile container yet, the UWP apps show the correct names, but as soon as one of those UWP apps is updated, the issue reappears again.

    Is this a config issue on our end, or does FSLogix have issues with UWP apps?

    Currently running the following setup:
    VMWare Horizon 7.8
    Windows 10 Enterprise 1803
    FSLogix Apps 2.9.7349.30108
    VMWare DEM 9.10

    Current Redirections.xml config (we are using folder redirection for everything not APPDATA related):

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <FrxProfileFolderRedirection ExcludeCommonFolders="0">
    <Exclude Copy="0">3D Objects</Exclude>
    <Exclude Copy="0">Contacts</Exclude>
    <Exclude Copy="0">Desktop</Exclude>
    <Exclude Copy="0">Documents</Exclude>
    <Exclude Copy="0">Downloads</Exclude>
    <Exclude Copy="0">Favorites</Exclude>
    <Exclude Copy="0">Links</Exclude>
    <Exclude Copy="0">Music</Exclude>
    <Exclude Copy="0">Pictures</Exclude>
    <Exclude Copy="0">Saved Games</Exclude>
    <Exclude Copy="0">Searches</Exclude>
    <Exclude Copy="0">Videos</Exclude>
    <Exclude Copy="0">AppData\Local\ChromeCache</Exclude>
    <Exclude Copy="0">AppData\Local\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client</Exclude>
    <Exclude Copy="0">AppData\Local\SquirrelTemp</Exclude>
    <Exclude Copy="0">AppData\Local\Microsoft\Teams\Current\Locales</Exclude>
    <Exclude Copy="0">AppData\Local\Microsoft\Teams\Packages\SquirrelTemp</Exclude>
    <Exclude Copy="0">AppData\Local\Microsoft\Teams\Current\resources\locales</Exclude>
    <Exclude Copy="0">AppData\Local\Microsoft\Teams\Current\Locales</Exclude>
    <Exclude Copy="0">AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Teams\Service Worker\CacheStorage</Exclude>
    <Exclude Copy="0">AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Teams\Application Cache</Exclude>
    <Exclude Copy="0">AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Teams\Cache</Exclude>
    <Exclude Copy="0">AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Teams\Logs</Exclude>
    <Exclude Copy="0">AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Teams\media-stack</Exclude>
    <Exclude Copy="0">AppData\LocalLow</Exclude>

    Kind Regards,

    Thursday, September 17, 2020 1:00 AM

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  • Did you ever find a fix for this? I am in the same situation

    Thursday, November 12, 2020 7:44 PM
  • Hi Conor,

    Unfortunately still in the same situation with no fix in sight. The only methods that can currently be used to work around the issue is to install other applications that aren't UWP apps (e.g. I had to install the old Windows 7 calculator for Windows 10). I'm just lucky that most of the staff where I work aren't using many UWP apps.

    I'm hoping that this issue with FSLogix is fixed in a future release, but there doesn't appear to be any timeline or priority to have it fixed.

    Kind Regards,

    Friday, November 13, 2020 6:47 AM
  • Hi,

    Thank you for the reply.

    I created a log in script to reinstall the calculator and it seems (touches wood) to have made a difference.

    Over multiple logins today on different machines, I have not seen the issue.

    Maybe it re-registers the apps?


    Friday, November 13, 2020 7:51 PM