How to separate different views and parts of a single line of business(LOB) universal app for windows 8.1 with many users. RRS feed

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  • Hello am an intermediate Windows Phone/Store Developer. Am currently in the process of implementing a LOB app that will have three different types users, an admin, a student, a teacher . Depending on how a user logs in i would like certain pages to be exposed to them and the rest to be hidden. The app will also store data temporally on a local db then sync regularly to an azure database(Can the recent entity framework 7 that supports store/phone apps allow code first databases or are there features still not fully accessible in WinRT apps)...This i believe can handle but also kindly point me out to existing implemented resources/examples i will appreciate very much.

    What am finding problematic is how to consume different app data stored by various users logged in for these different views. Will i need an asp web api is it really necessary cause i want to avoid it cause i have about three months to do it. I do not want to create three different apps and one ASP Web AP,  i want one single app and an api if possible, i know windows usually sandboxes apps hence app to app communication will be hard if not impossible. So my question is, is it possible to implement different user session management with a login (Windows Live ID) which i can abstract various parts of the app from them depending on the users login id in the app. E.g How can an admin logged in the same app as the student have access rights to certain pages in the app that a student will not see. How do i route different users to certain pages and can isolated storage store these persisting as a setting.

    How can i know which login id belongs to which of the three users? How do i then assign different access to different controls of the app with their id,provide custom views routes,access right,session management. I think i can do these without an ASP Web API is It wise? Building pages in the apps is easy but i want users to see different views of the app instead of one standard app depending on there login id, how can the NAVIGATION URI be used here. How can azure and features like active directory,azure mobile services. I know i have repeated the same things over and over and these might be complex for a free advise but as a windows dev these is my one stop shop. Any one with a view on how to approach these kindly show me the best directions. Thanks guys in advance.


    Friday, January 9, 2015 1:33 PM

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  • I suggest you have a look at this sample. https://code.msdn.microsoft.com/windowsapps/ListView-Interaction-ac044c3c. MainPage provides the framework to hold the content. At runtime, we create the Scenario collections and then bind to control. This approach can help you determine the type of users and provide some appropriate pages at runtime.

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    Monday, January 12, 2015 8:31 AM