Drillthrough event not firing in IE 7 or 8 RRS feed

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  • Hello Everybody,

    I have very peculiar issue on ReportViewer Control.

    I am using ASP.NET 2008 and have created an RDLC report. In this is drilldown report as functionality it should go to specified report page mentioned in "Jump to Report" in Navigation tab of the filed. 

    The issue is, this reporting is working very much fine in FireFox and Chrome browsers. When I try to run this report in IE 7 or 8, the main report is displaying with data, but I click the link which should drill down to next report it's not firing the event at all and displaying message as " ActionType = ActionParam = Parameter name: ActionType ". I am not sure what is mentioning as ActionType is? I would like say that this report is running in Locally. I have some other reports which are running under ServerReport are working with out any issues.

    Here is my report viewer declaration code:


    <rsweb:ReportViewer ID="rptMessageSummary" runat="server" Font-Names="Verdana" Visible="false"
                    Font-Size="8pt" DocumentMapWidth="100%" Width="100%" ShowParameterPrompts="true"
                    DocumentMapCollapsed="True" ShowExportControls="true" ShowBackButton="true" ShowCredentialPrompts="False"
                    AsyncRendering="true" ProcessingMode="Local"  BackColor="#F4F4F4" OnDrillthrough="DrillthroughProcessing"


    When searched over the net for the solution I got some of the changes to be done for reportviewer properties such as: setting the AsyncRendering to False, setting ProcessinMode="Local" and others. But none of them solved the issue.

    Here is the code used to bind the data to report file.


    ReportDataSource rdMessageSummary = new ReportDataSource("DataSet_ExceptionSummaryList", dtMessageSummaryList);
                string virtualRdlc = BuildRDLC("ExceptionsSummary");
                rptMessageSummary.LocalReport.ReportPath = virtualRdlc; ->> THIS IS THE PATH OF THE RDLC FILE.


    Can anybody give solution for this please? It's been 2-3 days I behind to this issue but no luck.

    Hoping that I can get some solution for this.

    Thanks in advance.


    Sree Harshavardhana.

    Wednesday, January 19, 2011 1:45 PM