Which upgrade path should I choose when deploying a project to a hosted MSSQL 2014 Database


  • My hositng provider is slowing phasing out the use of MSSQL2008 database's so in order to deploy my VS2013 projects i need to upgrade my system to match theirs. I have instances of MSSQL 2008r2 and MSSMS 2014 on my Win 7 setup.

    Im not even sure how to ask this question properly but how do I make my Visual studio "USE"  MSSQL 2014. It may seem obvious to simply install MSSQL2014 in its entirety but that seems like using a sledge hammer to crack a nut shell.

    What do i need to install or update or change in order to elevate my systems SqlClient so that it's compatible with my hosting providers MSSQL2014 databases. I mean could it be just a simple registry hack or tweak some setting in VS2013 ?

    Hope this all makes some sense and thanks for reading

    Paul Anthony

    Saturday, March 25, 2017 6:48 PM

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