Export a list to Excel using closed xml RRS feed

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    Hello I need to export some data to excel using closedXML 

    Here is what I have done so far

                       foreach (var id in queryResults)
                           requestid = id.RequestID;
                          var    dataToExcel = (from t in _context.Request
                                               join u in _context.Users
                                                on t.UserName equals u.UserName
                                               where t.RequestID == requestid 
                                               let fullName = u.UserFullName
                                               select new { t, fullName }));

    and my export to excel

    var workbook = new XLWorkbook();
                        IXLWorksheet worksheet =
                        worksheet.Cell(1, 1).Value = "ID";
                        worksheet.Cell(1, 2).Value = "Creator";
                        worksheet.Cell(1, 3).Value = "Assign To";
                        worksheet.Cell(1, 4).Value = "Text";
                        for (int index = 1; index <= dataToExcel.ToList().Count; index++)
                            worksheet.Cell(index + 1, 1).Value =
                            dataToExcel.ToList()[index - 1].t.RequestID;
                            worksheet.Cell(index + 1, 2).Value =
                            dataToExcel.ToList()[index - 1].t.CreatorUserName;
                            worksheet.Cell(index + 1, 3).Value =
                            dataToExcel.ToList()[index - 1].fullName; 
                            worksheet.Cell(index + 1, 4).Value =
                            dataToExcel.ToList()[index - 1].t.RequestContent;
                        using (var stream = new MemoryStream())
                            var content = stream.ToArray();
                            return File(content, contentType, fileName);

    It saves the excel file but writes only one record. This is correct since my foreach I guess is not correct. How can I export all the data?

    Thank you

    Thursday, March 11, 2021 6:56 AM

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  • User1312693872 posted


    Your code to generate the data to Email has nothing wrong in my side, I think the error occurs in the requestid , in your offered code, the

    requestid will just have one value, not all in queryResults.

    I assume you want to select all the rows which user.username=request.username from queryResults, you can achieve it like this demo:

                var queryResults = _context.Request.ToList();  //select rows to be queryResult from specific table?       
                var dataToExcel = (from t in queryResults
                                   join u in _context.Users
                                    on t.UserName equals u.UserName
                                   let fullName = u.UserFullName
                                   select new { t, fullName });

    //...following just copied yours


    Best Regards,

    Jerry Cai

    Friday, March 12, 2021 6:12 AM