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  • i just bought a computer with monitor at a garage sale this past saturday. didnt worry about anything because they had it turned on and kids playing games on it.  bought it for $50 with windows 7 ultimate on it. woman was deperate to sell, i was stupid not to even think of any password situations.  but when I got it home, of course it has only ONE user name at the logon screen. no way to access descktop. i went back to the place of garage sale, no one there. we all went back there again today, still no one home. im spending as much money on gas to find these people for a password, than i spent on the computer itself. 

    OMG i have been all over the net trying to find out IF there's anything to do to get around this just so i can get on this computer for myself. i dont care about any of their files, folders, photos, etc., and obvisouly they did not or they wouldnt have sold it to me, ir maybe they did clear it all out i dont know. but all i know is there;s only ONE user name with a password, and i cannot get by it. have tried booting in safe mode. i do NOT know anything to do. i dont have the original info that came with the computer, they loaded my car with computer and that';s it. no paperwork, no cd's, no owners manual, nada.

    is this computer JUNK' since i can not get to the desktop of it to create my own username etc.  i dont know if this persons username is the admin or not, it doesnt say, just says shawna and gives password hint. but i give up. i dont know what to do. have no cd's, no repair disc, no install disc.


    any hope for me even using this computer at all?     if so, how?     lol



    Monday, September 19, 2011 4:50 PM

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  • Hi Sonya,

    I think this is the wrong forum for your "support windows in general" question.
    Please check the other forum for some password recovery information.

    Best regards


    Monday, September 19, 2011 6:27 PM