MSXML::IXMLDOMDocumentPtr -> save method giving error in vista. RRS feed

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  • MSXML::IXMLDOMDocumentPtr spNewDOM(MSXML::CLSID_DOMDocument);
    boolRet = spNewDOM->load(vtXml);

    We are having problem in above code. Save method throughing error. We have checked the szContPath and vtXml variable value. Its same in XP. We are suspecting the save method may problem because MSXML.dll deprecated from vista. We are using VC++6.0 and WindowsXP SDK for building application.

    We have checked the same code in XP and Vista Built-In Admin Accout. Its working fine.  

    Only problem in UserCreated Admin account. Please let me know whats the problem in this and how can i resolve the issue.

    Please help on this. its very urgent.


    Tuesday, September 9, 2008 2:03 PM