How to create a 1-domain-only mailbox rule for outlook/exchange RRS feed

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  • 1.) Create an importable rule so that if is added to an Outlook account, no additional email accounts can be added to that same account?
    2.) Create an importable rule to prevent someone with an Outlook account (or potentially another MS tool) that has domain from being able to download the email locally, switch the sender email and then forward through a different SMPT account?

    From a high-level, I'm trying to figure out auditability of locally-downloaded and then re-forwarded emails via options to change sender accounts, and largely trying to figure out what rules allow blocking of scenarios like that as an internal security/accountability measure.

    Is there some chart or way you could help me understand how rules propagate across the mail ecosystem and/or how Enterprise Exchange can create rules to facilitate that 1-domain restriction described above?

    Also, if it's not possible to limit an Exchange/Outlook to 1-domain, is it possible to run any audit logs to determine if emails were being received by one domain but then forwarded by another? Basically, would inbound/outbound bandwidth or any logs show a .org/.gov email receiving the message and then switching the sender, and going outbound via another email? 

    Thanks again for the time and opportunity to engage with your great documentation! cheers~

    Tuesday, August 28, 2018 5:36 PM