How Does Context.XML Retrieve Data in InfoPath for a People Picker Control RRS feed

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  • Hello folks,

    I currently have an issue with a People Picker control not returning a mailbox when querying SharePoint. Previously, there was a mailbox called EREF_MAIN that I was able to retrieve when using the people picker control on an InfoPath form. The people picker control, ofcourse, takes a file called Context.XML as a data source which points to our SharePoint server. Up until this point, I have had no problems retrieving the mailbox and sending emails to it through a workflow created in SharePoint Designer. However, for some reason, I am not longer able to retrieve the mailbox in the people picker control. I have verified that the mailbox still exists and no changes have been made to the mailbox. I then checked in SharePoint to see if I am able to query the mailbox in a people picker control when adding users or groups and I will able to locate the mailbox. For some reason, the people picker control can't locate the mailbox in the InfoPath form. Therefore, my question is, how does the people picker query information from the SharePoint server when using the Context.XML file as a data source? For some reason, I am unable to return the mailbox and I do not know how the people picker control searches SharePoint to return results. If I knew this information, I may be able to troubleshoot this issue and determine what is preventing the mailbox from being returned as a result in an InfoPath form that queries the SharePoint server. Any help with this is greatly appreciated.



    Monday, October 3, 2011 2:23 PM