Appropriate WCF use or not? RRS feed

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  • My team is working on revising an application used to convert and transform stock AutoCAD drawings into documents that include customer specifications (borders, information boxes, etc.). In the first step, the application converts UG (Unigraphics) drawings to AutoCAD drawings. From there, the AutoCAD drawing is taken through a dozen or so transforms to get it into its final format. Being that these drawings can be several hundred megabytes and taken through some fairly complex AutoCAD scripting, this has become a very resource-intensive application/process. Our next task is to take this application and scale it. We need to improve its efficiency and run the various tasks within the application on heavy-duty virtual machines to offload some of the heavy lifting. We have not dealt with distributed applications before, so we have been reading though lots of documentation and looking through code samples. Is WCF the best route in this case or should we be looking at other methods? Any ideas and/or resources any of you can provide are much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    Friday, May 12, 2017 10:35 AM