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  • So assume I have a "Quality Gate" work item type and it can transition through a number of states (we'll say 10 to have a nice even number).  Only users in the [global]\QAManagers group can create and edit Quality Gate work items.  Anyone else can view them, and ONLY view them. 

    It seems that there is still no "read only" type of attribute I can set on a work item based on the role of the user looking at it, but is there at least some clever way to prevent a user from ever creating/editing/saving a work item based on role? I can't depend on state transitions since they could simply try to change something like description and attempt to save the work item.  There are HUNDREDS of fields on this work item, so implementing a READONLY rule on every field on the work item is going to be both tedious and fragile. Please tell me there is a better way!  Is there a specific field that if I flagged it as required and read-only, that it would effectively make that work item read-only for all but the one group and not be too terrible of a user experience?

    I did run across these related posts which are VERY dated.  Not sure if something has changed in the last 2 TFS updates to change this: 



    Angela Dugan

    Thursday, January 3, 2013 8:55 PM


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