How disable Alt key in Windows 10 using C# windows form application ? RRS feed

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  • Please note, this is just for personal use on my personal PC (using Windows 10 Home) !

    I have an app (which is a windows form application in C#) and i'm working on it for a few years now, it's just a personal project (will never be for sell or in public) which I add some functions to it when I have new idea.

    For the moment, It has access to my emails, social networks, calendar and ..., it can answer to my Skype messages and do some stuffs, I have also a database for giving commands using text or voice, recently, I added a new function to give some commands by text from a windows phone app, the problem is, when the PC is lock, I can't log in to my PC using this phone app, so I decided to add a form to my app on the PC and use it as a lock screen, I have done it, it's cool and I like it, so I will not usually lock the windows, I will just use this form !

    The problem here is I can use any keyboard shortcut like : win key, alt + f4 or ... to close the form and have access to the windows !

    I would like to know, if there is anyway to disable Alt and Win keys in windows when a form is active and reactive them when the form get closed in C# ?

    I searched in google, but I didn't find any good or functional answer which will work as I want !

    Wednesday, February 22, 2017 1:24 PM