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  • Have four different sets of questions, and I want to create a form, where the user have the option to select Option1, Option2, Option3 etc. from a drop down box.  Depending on their selection, a set of question will appear, pertaining to their choice.  How do I achieve this?

    Wednesday, October 30, 2013 8:56 PM


  • Hi,

    If I understand correctly, you want to create a form and a comb box with several options. When you select different options in the combo box, the related setting of questions should be displayed in the form. Please correct me if I have any misunderstanding.

    I think a User form with VBA macro can help you to approach the goal.

    I write a sample for your reference. In my sample, I just declare four questions to display as a label in the user form.

    Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
        ComboBox1.AddItem "Option1"
        ComboBox1.AddItem "Option2"
        ComboBox1.AddItem "Option3"
        ComboBox1.AddItem "Option4"
        Label2.Caption = ""
    End Sub
    Private Sub ComboBox1_Change()
        Dim cond(4) As String
        cond(0) = "Question1:xxxx?"
        cond(1) = "Question2:xxxx?"
        cond(2) = "Question3:xxxx?"
        cond(3) = "Question4:xxxx?"
       Select Case ComboBox1.Value
          Case "Option1"
            Label2.Caption = cond(0)
          Case "Option2"
            Label2.Caption = cond(1)
          Case "Option3"
            Label2.Caption = cond(2)
          Case "Option4"
            Label2.Caption = cond(3)
          Case ""
            Label2.Caption = ""
       End Select
    End Sub

    Here is the sample document:

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    Friday, November 1, 2013 9:15 AM