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  • Hi all.



    I need a recommendation. I am looking for a C# Code Generator for the DAL. No matter if I have to pay, thing here is saving time.


    The features that the product should meet are:



    1-     N–layers enabled.

    2-     SQL2005 supported.

    3-     If possible integrating Enterprise Library (application blocks).

    4-     For the DAL (data access layer) we need that :

    a.       Generates Typed Data Sets.

    b.      Using store procedures is alternative.

    5-     Easy retrieve of changes from the database schema.

    6-     Easy to maintain.



    I have been testing some tools as Code Author and Dalgen. But all of them have the same problems.

                a- it is using sprocs (I would like not to use sprocs but hard coded sentences).

                b- The BLL has to be recreated when a new field is added to the database, so if you have written your custom changes into these objects you will loose it.




    Any suggestion?

    Wednesday, July 4, 2007 3:33 PM


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